Thursday, November 10, 2011

Question 3 in Our Birthday Blessings GiveAway

At Footsteps In Eden Reflexology we offer . . . well . . . REFLEXOLOGY! Those of you who choose regular reflexology sessions as part of your health & wellness plan as well as those of you who sought it out for specific health challenges all have a story to tell about how reflexology has helped you in your life. I was asked on a talk show a couple of nights ago to share some of the dramatic things I had seen happen through reflexology. I shared a few that came to mind. I know all of you have great stories to share.

So, question #3 and another opportunity to perhaps recieve our wonderful Relaxation Give Away Package: Limiting yourself to just one thing (:-)that will be tough, of course), what would you say is the most dramatic single benefit you have received from reflexology?

For those reading this who have not yet experienced this amazing modality, it will be tough for you to answer this one. Gift yourself with that opportunity and learn for yourself what reflexology has to offer for you. In the Memphis area, we would love to hear from you and help you on your journey of discovery into reflexology. Begin by visiting our website.

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Carla Filler ( F) said...

I would have to say over all: ENERGY BURST!! When I need a pick me up, I just give myself a quick reflexology treatment. Within a couple of minutes to almost imeditaly I get a burst of energy that stays with me for a while. It feels great and I feel refreshed. So Yes, a quick Energy Burst is my answer.
Blessed Be.
Carla Filler