Monday, November 7, 2011

Here It Is! First Question? Your Response Is Your First Entry!

It's your moment to relax. Where do your thoughts turn first? What is your favorite form of relaxation?

Comment here on the blog or on this post on our Footsteps In Eden Reflexology Facebook page. Your answer puts your name in the drawing for a nice relaxation package. (See previous post.) While we are in the Memphis, TN area, we would like to encourage everyone to participate. We will ship the package to any winner within the U.S. (If you're in Memphis area, we'll ask you to pick it up.)

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Carla F said...

Blessed Be, I like to relax with Music and candle meditation. THe music id from, the candles. It depends what stress or mood, what I need at that time, so they would be difrent colors. I listen to soft meditation musec and then I use My Young Living Oils and I meditate. I do this at least 1 a day. Usually in the morning I just meditate before anything else. Thank you.