Saturday, March 23, 2013

Enriching Home Cleaning with Essential Oils

Connie Scheel, a two time cancer survivor enjoying remission today, believes she has enhanced her life and her health by choosing many complementary and alternative approaches for herself and her family. I've invited her to share some of her story below along with recipes for simple, effective, and cost-effective recipes for green and healthy cleaning products created with Young Living essential oils. She would enjoy hearing your feedback. Please leave comments. You may learn more about Connie and the Young Living oils by visiting her on her Facebook page -- Catalysts to Connie's Wellness. 

Do you want it all when it comes to Spring cleaning? Perhaps quick, easy, inexpensive, pleasantly fresh smelling cleaning products that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-fungal without any harsh chemicals? Therapeutic grade essential oils offer all of this along with a boost to the immune system and mood.
This may sound nerdy but I was really excited and relieved when I discovered 2 simple cleanser recipes that use essential oils.
I’m a two time gynecologic cancer Survivor enjoying 2 years and 4 months of Remission. Essential oils and I met shortly after my last chemo treatment. My body was suffering the side effects of chemo. My knees were extremely sore and my feet were numb. I was only 36, but struggled to walk, move and sleep. I was often exhausted yet fought insomnia and anxiety. My reflexologist friend suggested I try peppermint essential oil. I welcomed the suggestion since the medications my oncologist had prescribed to bring my relief only caused more side effects. Therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil delivered quick relief from my knee pain, brought feeling back to my feet, and nurtured my energy back. And I never have to worry about side effects as there aren’t any!
Then came therapeutic grade Lavender. Sweet, multi-talented Lavender. It lulled my body into blissful sleep and my anxiety faded. I became more intrigued with essential oils as my body and Soul healed from treatment, and so I began studying them. I was hungry to learn of more ways to use them to enrich my life.
Lavender comes from the Latin word lavare which means ‘to wash’. The Ancient Romans recognized lavender for it’s healing, antiseptic and cleansing properties. In 16th Century France it was regarded as an effective defense against infection. And it was used to dress wounds during WWI. Lavender is the most versatile essential oil, and is an adaptogen which means it literally aids in restoring overall balance to our bodies. It’s also well known for it’s relaxing properties. Lavender helps to restore emotional balance and soothes your nervous system. What an incredible combo!
My studies of essential oils also brought me lessons in the dangers of many of the cleaning and personal care products in my home. If you’re curious, check out this article from Organic Consumer Alert- How Toxic Are Your Household Cleaning Supplies? I was shocked, and had an urgent need to find an inexpensive, quick but very effective ways to clean my home.
So, cleaning with therapeutic grade essential oils became a life enriching experience for me. It’s allowed me to remove toxic and harmful chemicals from my life while make cleaning an immune system boosting adventure. I hope it will for you, too.
All Purpose Anti-Everything-Bad & Mood Boosting Cleaning Spray
12-16  oz spray bottle
1 cup white vinegar
Add water, fill almost of the top
Add 10 Drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
For a stronger degreasing cleaner solution replace the 10 drops of Lavender essential oil with 5 drops of YL Lavender essential oil and 5 drops of Young Living’s Orange essential oil.
Gently shake to mix.
Kitchen and Bathroom Essential Oil Scrub
Fantastic for tubs, sinks, countertops
Empty clean, perhaps recycled, 12- 16 ounce glass jar with a tight lid
Fill the jar 3/4s full with baking soda (or Super Washing Soda for even more cleaning power)
Add 10 drops of Young Living’s Lavender essential oil
Gently shake to mix.


Heidi said...

LOVE IT! I'm going to pick up some baking soda and a spray bottle and mix some up this afternoon! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I already use vinegar & water to clean with, but now will add the 10 drops of lavender oil to it. And the baking soda lavender oil mix will be a great alternative to scrub with instead of toxic cleaners. Thanks for the info.