Sunday, April 7, 2013

Water with Lemon -- Are there Benefits?

Footsteps in Eden Reflexology is spending the month of April focusing on cleansing. Some aspect of this topic will show up each week this month as we prepare our weekly email communication with our clients. A recent challenge faced by a family member has me looking at the various cleansing options of which I am aware. Water with lemon is a common one, and one I believe may have some definite benefits for improving digestion and encouraging bodies toward a more alkaline state.

Rather than rehash it all here, I'm suggesting this link: Energize Alkaline Diet Blog. This blog writer has covered the subject thoroughly. Venture over there and learn much about alkalinizing the body, which may result in increased health and wellness.

High pH water is suggested. Last summer I discovered the BioCerra water system and invested in a filtering pitcher that enhances water with electrolytes and increased alkalinity. I have no vested interest in this product except to say that my family and clients have had the opportunity to benefit from the quality water it provides, and you and your family may as well. You will find this pitcher available at KHT Systems. 

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