Sunday, April 14, 2013

What's Growing in Your Herb Garden?

April 15th -- a well marked day on most all calendars at least here in The U.S. Tax Day! In the Memphis, TN area it marks an important day for gardeners as well. It is usually considered the safe date for the last frost to be past. Veggies, flowers, and herbs may be safely planted.

New growth belongs to Footsteps In Eden Reflexology's Spring renewal focus in the month of April. My thoughts have turned to an herb garden in a small prepared bed in my backyard. I'm eager to begin and even spent a little time this weekend to clean out some of it and discover a few new sprouts from last year's endeavors. I've also spent a little time investigating cultivation of herbs and have found a couple articles to share with my readers.

The first gives some basic information for planting herbs. It is found at The Tasteful Garden. The second -- and this one may be quite helpful to many of us -- discusses 10 things not to do with an herb garden. I'm perfectly willing to learn from another's mistakes. I'm including it here for you, too. It is found at The Skinny Gourmet. She grows her herbs on a fire escape in Chicago.

Where will you grow your herbs and what will you plant? I'm considering several herbs, and also some edible flowers. For those in the Memphis, TN area, the Memphis Botanic Garden Spring Plant Sale is this coming weekend -- Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th. Check their link in this paragraph to learn more. I know there will be lots of choices and lots of folks with 'sage' advice (pun intended) for those who would like to learn more. See you there!

By the way, I have found those poles for my front yard garden and will be ordering them this week. They are actually willow poles made into a planting sort of "tee-pee." Looking forward to my little piece of the garden world this summer. 

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