Monday, August 24, 2009

Essential Oils to Kill the Insects that Eat Your Plants

This is very exciting. Those of us that know the potential of essential oils have been aware of their potential to be an highly effective pesticide without the toxic effects to humans and animals and the environment. Now National Geographic is reporting it as news in their Green Guide. They are calling them "killer spices." I'll call them essential oils. The article refers to both. You may read the whole story here. This is such valuable information.

Wonder what took them so long to figure this out? Cedarwood (discussed for many interesting reasons in a post a day or two ago) has long been used to line closets and chests to keep insects from eating their way through clothing, linens, etc. Citronella is sold in candles and sprays, which often contain other more toxic ingredients in their formula as well. Those are just two common ways essential oils from plants are used for the critter battle already. And without the side effects of the toxic chemical solutions. It makes me almost sick to even walk down the aisle in the local "do-it-yourself center" where these are stocked. Think someone would have gotten it sooner.

You may find that growing these plants in your garden may be beneficial for insect control. To purchase small amounts of these oils (in highly concentrated form & which may be significantly diluted) for your own gardening needs, please visit Heaven Scent Essentials website.

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