Saturday, August 15, 2009

Prevention and Naturopathy Offer Another Option to the Healthcare Issue

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so the little saying goes. There may just be something to the ounce of prevention plan.

So much controversy surrounds the healthcare issue. There is probably no one in this country that would say everything with our current health care system and the pharamaceutical companies and health insurance companies is AOK. Right now the pendelum seems to be swinging between the extremes. All the screaming at town hall meetings and the heated discussions on facebook and other social networking media makes for some interesting entertainment, but hasn't resolved much of how we will actually be taken care of. I for one am very concerned. Not knowing at all the future of healthcare availablity in our country is only one part of the issue. Whether healthcare is availabe or not, I believe that our health is something for which we must personally take responsibility. We eat the Standard American Diet, get little exercise except our fingers walking on the keyboard, and we live in a toxic laden world. This is a pretty good Rx for being sick and needing healthcare. Is there another side to this pic we might consider?

The one area that keeps flashing images in my mind mind is that of prevention and holistic remedies. Keeping our bodies healthy and in optimum condition in the first place would, most likely, reduce the necessity to seek out medical attention. Eating locally grown (usually closer to organic) and organic foods, finding a form of exercise we love and fits our lifestyles, and doing our best to remove toxic chemicals from our homes are a few means to that end. Naturopaths, Bodywork specialists, herbalists and more have some pretty amazing therapies to offer to further enhance your wellness experience.

When medical intervention is called for where do you turn? The chic website has a whole article devoted to holistic remedies vs those of traditional medicine. Yes, the holistic remedies are a bit slower. However, while pharmaceuticals quickly address symptoms, the root cause is often neglected only for the condition to return again later. Personally I've had some experience with this resently.

First let me say that I am extremely thankful for the pharmaceutical drugs that saved my life when I was delicately and barely hanging on to life several weeks ago. Once the symptoms were addressed and my body's systems were somewhat stable, however, it was time to address the real culprits that had invaded my body. The bacteria that had entered through a seriously infected allergic reaction gone bad were still there. We found so many testimonials of the cellulitis part of this whole mess I was dealing with coming back over and over again when the phramaceutical drug rounds were completed.

My desire is for a permanent healing. For that I consulted with a naturopathic doctor who suggested some natural antibiotics and diuretics. While my recovery has been very slow, I have seen some improvement every single day. After about nine weeks the infection is almost gone, and I believe it is a complete healing rather than the temporary fix I was experiencing with the pharmaceuticals. This will be followed up shortly with a detox program.

I am not a doctor, I do not practice medicine, I do not diagnose or treat illnesses. I have shared my own experiences and a few of my personal opinions along with a link to an article that has investigated some health condition specific traditional vs homeopathic remedies. I see this as the future for those truly interested in living a long and productive life.

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