Monday, August 3, 2009

Follow ALIVE! on Blogger

Finding my way back to my blog after this two month absence and recovery, my hope and prayer is to create a network of friends sharing each others thoughts and inspirations. I believe that is what this blogging business is all about. It does take a bit of extra work. Now that I have finally joined the wireless world, that task should be a bit easier. (Interpretation: I can sit in the living room where my husband watches his high testosterone laden programming, but conveniently be tuned in to my blogging endeavors instead. Works for me.)

So far today since adding the follower gadget, I have two followers. Welcome Terry and ClassyChassy!

This beauty of a butterfly (I just love butterflies!) is from

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ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for the official welcome! I have been posting on 'Back to Basics', and thought your blog might be something I would enjoy reading. I'm happy to have found you, and wish you much health!