Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Will Become Five

Our son and his family -- David, Amy & little Isaac -- are on an adoption journey to bring home two orphans from this extremely impoverished country. Please take time to visit their blog, Ethiopia's Calling to learn more about the challenges faced by children in this country and about their adoption story. Trusting the Lord that their one-child family will soon be a three-child family. Including mom and dad that is definitely 3 or more! (Check out the end of the post for the significance of 3 or more.)

We are all called to reach out to the poor and needy. When we answer that call, special things happen in our spirits that allow us to touch the heart of God. There is no doubt that there is a deep sense of spiritual wellness in that place.

The costs involved in adoption are great on many levels including financial. You may learn about some of that on their blog. We will be suggesting so many ways you may choose to be a part of bringing these children home to their forever family.

There are two big garage sales in the works right now. If you're in the Chicago or Nashville areas I would be happy to share the details on those. I'll also be sharing opportunities in the coming weeks and months in which everyone, if feeling led, may participate. Come back to visit often and watch for exciting happenings (Here is just the beginning.)
  • The MOST important thing: Prayer, prayer, and more prayer -- for the children, for Amy, David & Isaac as they prepare to welcome these children into their family, and for the finances needed.
  • Reopening of my etsy store (all profits will benefit their adoption fund)
  • A link to coffee roasters who are combining their passions for fair trade coffee and orphans of Africa -- individual adopting families will benefit from the sales of the coffee
  • Many other creative concepts still in development
Will you be one of a very special group of friends who is called and will answer, in whatever way big or small, to unite this family? Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

I've just discovered The Gypsy's Corner blog, which I am enjoying. Tam, the blogs creator has offered a place to share: Three or more Tuesday.... Please visit Tam's blog, leave a comment. Add a link to your own post. Leave a comment or two on ALIVE! as well. They are always appreciated by all of us who take the time to share.

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SmilingSally said...

I'm happy that you're able to help them achieve their goals.