Thursday, August 6, 2009

Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms May Respond Well to Reflexology

Did you know that Restless Leg Syndrome may be caused by a mineral deficiency, a Vitamin B deficiency induced neuropathy, or even hormonal imbalances. While I was looking into this for a client yesterday, I was amazed at some of the things I discovered about this most annoying and frustrating challenge to a great night's sleep. Here is an article that discusses many of the potential causes.

One of my favorite aromatherapy sources suggested that the condition has many similarities in nature to ADD and ADHD. This seemed to be in the area of mineral deficiencies also. Loads of nutrients from fruits and veggies were suggested along with mineral supplements. Would you like to learn more about the specific suggestions in this source? Join my facebook page (see right hand column.) Leave your message there. I'll be sure to get back with you in a timely fashion.

What really jumped out at me was the Vitamin B deficiency neuropathy. Testimonial evidence shows REFLEXOLOGY to be a major blessing for the nervous system. Many practitioners believe that reflexology works by directly effecting the enormous numbers of nerve endings found in the feet and stem from all the various organs, glands, and parts of the body. Bottom line: it has offered great help to many with RLS challenges. You'll find a discussion of reflexology for sleep challenges including RLS on Reflexology for Relaxation and Better Health.

Just a little P.S. here. Be watching for "Wisdom for Well-Being Wednesdays," in development stage. This will be your opportunity and forum for sharing your life wisdom for the betterment of body, mind, and spirit.

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ClassyChassy said...

Have been catching up on my reading, as the phones/internet has been down for a couple of days! I will have to read the links you provided - sounds interesting. It is starting to storm again, so perhaps when the weather clears! The rain sounds so refreshing - but it's supposed to get humid and hot the rest of the weekend into next week!

Fifi Flowers said...

I could use some reflexology!

Lynn said...

Wish you were in my area, Fifi. We would connect on this one.

To locate a reflexologists in your area, you will find referral listings on the American Reflexology Certification Board's site and the Reflexology Assoc. of America site:

This are respected resources in the industry and will help you find a certified (trained) reflexologist. Have a conversation with the practitioner when you call to make an appointment. Be sure this individual "feels" like the right fit for you.